Jill King


"She is the Queen of unpredictable moments. Such a sense of fun, with self-knowledge."

Jill King is a Chicago born artist who has been creating and teaching art in Chicagoland for over a decade. Her suspended sculptures, take the viewer on a journey from the smallest elements of creation, such as a seed under a microscope and into vast galaxies light years away.

These artworks are constructed out of a wide range of materials such as soldered or welded steel, sewn fabrics impregnated with acrylic gel, painted pigments and LED lights. Formed by stretching an opaque fabric over a linear steel construction, King’s sculptures look like fantastical botanical drawings, flying kites or lit up celestial cloud formations that have come to life in three dimensions. Her organic artworks highlight the glory and intricacy of the natural world and represents the cycles of life through the power of growth and transformation.

King’s art has been exhibited in private and public places such as Chicago’s Lincoln Park Conservatory, Expo Chicago, SOFA Chicago, the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art in Chicago and many galleries throughout the Midwest. Her work is in several private and public collections throughout the country, including The Lorraine Morton Civic Center, Evanston IL. and the Loyola Medical Center in Burr Ridge, IL.

King currently serves as Education Chair on the Board of Directors of Chicago Sculpture International, where she assists in creating educational opportunities and events to promote the organization’s members composed of 150 professional sculptors.

“Words cannot express how grateful and honored I am to have received the Helen Coburn Meir and Tim Meier Foundation Award. This gift gives me the freedom and flow to experiment and bring my wildest imaginings to life!” – Jill King