"We applaud Jim for seeing that Chicago has an abundance of stellar musicians. With his recording projects, Jim believes he can advance musicians careers and serve the listening public in equal measure."

James Ginsburg founded Cedille Records in 1989 while a law student at the University of Chicago. At the end of 1993, he founded The Chicago Classical Recording Foundation, the not-for-profit organization that now owns and operates Cedille.

The creation of the Foundation allowed Cedille Records to greatly expand the scope of its recording activity to include all genres of classical music (including opera) while continuing and codifying its mission of promoting the work of Chicago’s finest classical musicians.

Mr. Ginsburg previously worked for Nonesuch Records in New York and reviewed numerous recordings for the American Record Guide. He personally directs Cedille Records’ recording sessions, working closely with artists and engineers to maintain the label’s outstanding reputation for musical and sonic excellence. Mr. Ginsburg has produced over 100 recordings for Cedille and other labels.

In 2009, the Chicago Tribune named Mr. Ginsburg a “Chicagoan of the Year” in the Arts.